What is NACES evaluation?

Posted on June 24, 2024 By Jessica Thorne

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For students who have pursued schools and colleges outside the US and wish to continue within the country to study further or take up a job, there is a requirement one has to qualify to achieve what they want.

It is to provide the original evaluated transcripts from companies partnered under the NACES course by course generating the respective GPA. Wondering what is NACES? Then scroll down to get profound details to help prepare and reach the dream destination to fulfil your career dreams!

What is NACES Evaluation: In-Depth Introduction?

National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) was established in the United States in 1987 as a non-governmental organization that offers credential evaluation services at varying costs for non-American individuals by evaluating their credentials, verifying documents, and translating the diploma or academic transcripts to match the equivalent of the US education system.

This is not a single body, rather comprises various member companies that help provide the evaluation completed for individuals outside the US. Doing this can make the evaluation process easier for educational institutions, government agencies, and employers in the US when hiring an immigrant candidate based on their education.

Different Reports Generated by NACES

The evaluated transcripts from the members of the NACES contain two reports:

1. Document-by-document evaluation or General Analysis.

2. Course-by-Course Evaluation or Course Analysis.

The General evaluation includes providing the equivalency of the degree that was earned from non-American institutions. On the other hand, the course analysis, otherwise known as the transcript translation provides both equivalency and covers each credit and grade of the respective courses on the US scale.

To generate these reports, the original transcripts and diplomas officially released by the educational institution in the original language are requested. Besides that, a certified English translation is also requested to be attached while submitting for the evaluation.

The Importance of the NACES Evaluation

When pursuing education or employment in a foreign country, it is natural to be sceptical about the safety of academic history when it is especially handed over to a third party. However, students and employees can rest assured while handing them over to NACES as they are the most trusted authorities to handle sensitive information and unlock the endless opportunities available in the United States.

However, even if a person still decides to enrol in an institution without the NACES evaluation worried about safety, they have a higher chance of getting rejected since most institutions admit only those having the NACES report. Therefore, NACES is the only possible gateway to unlock the doors to achieve success in a new country.

Secondly, the members of the NACES only review an immigrant’s educational history and ensure that the reader to whom the report will be submitted will be sure that the education of the candidate was well interpreted and analyzed by professionals.

This tends to leave a positive impact on the candidate and the member company that issued the NACES report. Therefore, all these make the NACES an important asset for any immigrant who wishes to pursue education or a job in any part of America.

How Does the Cost Work to Generate a Transcript from NACES?

Ideally, each company has its own set of policies when it comes to charging a particular fee. Likewise, immigrants approaching the NACES member companies for assistance in generating a transcript should follow the policies on how they evaluate the document and generate a particular charge.

The cost here can be influenced by factors such as the level of evaluation required (such as course-by-course evaluation or a general overview), the service provider, and any additional services requested. Generally, the price spans from $50- $300 or more.

Moreover, in the case of individuals who wish to pursue higher education in the US must check with the admission counsellor for any specific company they would recommend to get the transcript generated so that they can avoid ending up choosing the wrong company.

This is because there are chances that the college or university has a better-established relationship with a particular NACES company so that students of that particular institution can obtain customized applications and attractive discounts.


If you wish to begin the process of being convinced with the information provided above, contact ERES, your trusted partner to generate transcripts in the most cost-effective way possible to give you a chance to excel in the new country!

Credential Evaluations on June 24, 2024 by Jessica Thorne

What is NACES evaluation?

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