Why Is This a Good Time to Pursue Higher Education in the US?

Posted on December 22, 2022 By Mathew Berg

The United States of America has always had a special magnetic pull when it comes to attracting international students and young professionals. Each year, there are a growing number of students that choose to move to the US. Recent statistics show that there are over 1 million international students currently enrolled in various programs and universities across the country.

This allure is largely due to the invaluable academic opportunities offered, the potential for growth and career development, and the chance to set up a sustainable and happy future. After all, the white picket fence dream is the ultimate goal for people around the world. However, there is a lot more to why the USA is the best for higher education. Read on below to determine why this is a good time to pursue your higher education in the US as an international student.

Outstanding International Reputation

The most significant reason why the USA for higher studies is because the country has an impressive reputation globally. American universities are among the top-ranked educational institutes in the world, and their degrees are highly-recognized globally.

Universities in the US have continued to dominate international rankings. This is largely due to the high academic standards they set, the training offered, and the competitive edge they offer students when it comes to entering the corporate sector. No matter which part of the world you choose to work in, having a degree from an American college or university will prove to be quite valuable. The best part is that these universities do consider students from across the globe during their intakes. You just need to employ academic credential evaluation services to streamline the application process.

Achieve Academic Excellence

A rather pertinent benefit of studying in the USA for international students is that it is home to the most prestigious institutes, like the Ivy League colleges. These institutes have consistently proven to be a level up for other universities, and they offer academic excellence like no other. The diverse range of programs offered, along with their dedication to offering top-quality education, makes these universities some of the best places for higher education.

Moreover, these universities focus on a variety of academic prospects. They require students to take a number of core classes alongside their major field of study. These classes range from writing to science-based fields and other essentials that help you gain the knowledge and experience you need to work on creating a successful future.

P.S. Before you start applying to Ivy League universities, it is best to have your foreign high school transcript evaluation report ready. It will help you ensure a smooth application process without having to stress out about meeting deadlines.

Numerous Research Opportunities

The US has been the leader in numerous areas of technological development and research. This means that international students studying in the country can benefit from generous funding and support for new research and development. There is immense support available, especially for Ph.D. students, to initiate research projects and get their work published. You can also receive patent applications, and there are plenty of investors ready to fund ambitious start-up ideas.


Specialized Support for International Students

Most US-based universities offer a variety of specialized services to help out their community of international students. These services are targeted to be of aid inside and outside the classroom, giving you a helping hand to settle in your new surroundings and make the most of your time in America.

Universities usually have an office dedicated to international student services, with certified counselors and helpers available to offer assistance. These personnel can help you with any English-learning skills you may need, along with financial aid, managing paperwork, applying for jobs, etc. They will even help you through the cultural shock you may experience when you first make the move!

Efforts to Retain International Students

US immigration policies have allowed universities to ramp up their efforts to not only recruit but also retain international students. This means that prospective students have higher chances of staying engaged within the US, either to continue their Master’s or Ph.D. programs or even to get a head start in their careers. International students within the US have reported their student service counselors becoming more accommodating and supportive post-pandemic. They are offering campus housing, emergency travel funds, and much more to help students continue their trajectory within the country.

Have you decided to apply to an American university for higher education? We wish you the best experience!

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