Understanding the Process of International High School Transcript Evaluation

Posted on February 20, 2024 By Mathew Berg

Embarking on an academic journey abroad involves navigating various processes, and one crucial step for students with international educational backgrounds is the evaluation of their high school transcripts. This comprehensive blog will delve into the in-depth details of foreign high school transcript evaluation, shedding light on its significance, the steps involved, and the role of trusted services like ERES.

Importance of Transcript Evaluation

International transcript evaluation for high school is vital for students seeking admission to educational institutions outside their home country. It provides a standardized assessment of academic credentials, ensuring equivalency and facilitating a seamless transition into the educational systems of the destination country.

Why is the evaluation of foreign credentials used in university admission?

Examining your educational credentials will help universities comprehend your domestic academic accomplishments when applying. For instance, a high school diploma is the American title for a secondary education. In other countries, it goes by different names, such as "West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination" (WASSCE) in West Africa and "Bachiller" in Latin America.

Due to this, you might need to employ a diploma evaluation to demonstrate to the university that you have met the prerequisite academic standards for admission. The same holds whether you hold a degree from a domestic university.

What is the Foreign Credential Evaluation application procedure like for colleges?

While U.S. higher education schools may have their unique admissions requirements, the majority of them may want the following documentation from you:

  • Standard Tests (GRE, SAT, or ACT)
  • If English is not your native tongue, you may need to take the TOEFL or IELTS exam. If you have a high school diploma or equivalent, you may also need to have your education credentials evaluated.
  • Summary
  • Resume and Essay
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Bank Transcript

As you can see, applying to a university is a complex procedure that requires preparing numerous documents, especially for overseas applicants. Ensuring you have the education credential evaluation report available is essential to meet the deadline while preparing for the process.

The ERES Advantage

As we unravel the process, it's essential to highlight the role of trusted evaluation services like ERES. With a commitment to accuracy and reliability, ERES thoroughly evaluates foreign high school transcript evaluation including the academic credentials.

Steps Involved in the Evaluation Process

Step 1: Document Scanning

Upon entering your information, our Document Specialist reviews your application to ensure we have all required documents and verify successful payment. Reminders are sent if payment or documents are still outstanding. Once received, the Document Specialist scans your documents into our system, making relevant notes about various document features for the evaluator. This initiates your file transfer to a country specialist evaluator for a comprehensive review, setting the stage for producing the final evaluation report.

Step 2: Document Review and Authentication

With your file in the hands of our professional evaluators, let’s delve into their process. Upon receipt of your file, including application information and submitted credentials, the evaluator scrutinizes the credentials. They verify the proper format, correct school seals, stamps, or signatures, and all required features to establish the official nature of the credentials. We request additional documents if the submitted credentials don’t meet our standards. For name change scenarios, proof may be required. Upon submission of updated credentials, the Document Specialist rescans, and the Evaluator reviews again.

Step 3: Analysis of Your Equivalent Education and Degree Achieved

Once we have all the necessary documents and information, your file is deemed “Complete,” and the Evaluator begins assessing your credentials. Trained in country-specific educational systems, our evaluators determine the recognition of your institution, its equivalence to a U.S. or Canadian school, and the name of your qualification and its equivalent in the United States or Canada. Conversion of your study program courses to U.S. or Canadian grades and semester hours may be necessary. Additional information is included if required. After assessment, the Associate calculates the GPA and adds any pertinent details. Our Senior Evaluator staff performs a Quality Assurance check before preparing the report for printing and mailing.

Step 4: Evaluation Report Production and Final Settlement

Upon completion of the review, the evaluation report is handed to our Order Fulfillment personnel. They verify the correctness of all database information, prepare the report for printing, pack it with any returnable credentials, and dispatch it to your provided address. At this point, your order is marked “Complete.” You will receive the report electronically, and if a paper copy is requested, it will be sent through your selected delivery service.


In conclusion, the journey of evaluating foreign high school transcript evaluation is a pivotal step for students venturing into the new world of global education. The significance lies in providing a standardized assessment, ensuring equivalency, and facilitating a seamless transition into the educational systems of the destination country. ERES distinguishes itself by providing students with a dependable and transparent experience through individualized consultations, prompt assistance, and digital accessibility to assessment reports. When international students start their academic journey, we work with whole heart, precision and consistency in assessing their qualifications.

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