The Basics to Advanced: All About Credential Evaluation

Posted on August 20, 2023 By Mathew Berg

In an era of global mobility, educational credentials hold the key to a world of opportunities. However, the journey from one educational system to another can be challenging. This is where credential evaluation steps in, ensuring that your educational achievements are recognized and understood across borders.

Whether you're a student considering international education, a professional seeking career advancement, or an institution admitting students from around the world, understanding the fundamentals of credential evaluation is paramount. Explore this intricate process with ERES, one of the best credential evaluation services in the US, unraveling its meaning, purpose, and significance.

What Does Your Credential Mean?

Before we dive into the depths of credential evaluation, let's clarify what a credential signifies. A credential attests to your educational accomplishments. It includes details such as degrees earned, courses completed, grades obtained, and other relevant academic achievements. A credential is a tangible representation of your educational journey, encompassing your dedication, hard work, and expertise.

What Is Credential Evaluation?

Wondering what is meant by credential evaluation? Credential evaluation is the process of assessing and analyzing your educational credentials to determine their equivalence in a different educational system.

It's a meticulous examination considering various factors, including grading scales, credit systems, and curriculum structures. The primary objective is to ascertain the value and relevance of your educational achievements in the context of a new educational environment.

In essence, credential evaluation is the bridge that connects educational systems, enabling your accomplishments to be understood and valued in a different country. It ensures that your credentials are accurately translated, preserving their integrity and worth as you navigate new academic and professional horizons.

The Purpose of a Credential Evaluation

So, what is the purpose of a credential evaluation? A credential evaluation aims to ensure that educational achievements are accurately recognized and valued across different educational systems and professional contexts. It enables individuals to access higher education opportunities, aids in job placement and career advancement, supports professional licensure requirements, and helps institutions and employers make informed decisions. Credential evaluation promotes transparency, standardization, and fairness in evaluating qualifications, contributing to a globally connected and diverse academic and professional landscape.

Is a Degree Evaluation the Same as a Transcript?

Both degree and transcript evaluations are essential components of the credential evaluation process, but they serve distinct purposes and focus on different aspects of an individual's educational background.

Degree Evaluation

Degree evaluation primarily examines the overall degree or qualification earned by an individual. It determines the equivalency of the degree obtained in one educational system to that of another, ensuring that it aligns with the educational standards of the evaluating institution or country. It looks at the completed academic program as a whole, assessing the level, field of study, and overall academic achievement. It answers questions like whether a Bachelor’s degree earned in one country is equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree in another country.

Degree evaluation is often crucial for higher education admissions and employment in professions that require specific degree qualifications. It helps institutions and employers understand an individual’s education level and whether it meets their criteria.

Transcript Evaluation

Transcript evaluation delves into the detailed breakdown of an individual’s educational journey. It examines the individual courses taken, credits earned, and grades received. This evaluation provides a comprehensive understanding of the subjects studied and the academic performance achieved. It assesses each course listed on the educational transcript. It examines the specific content of these courses, the corresponding credits, and the grades attained. This level of analysis helps determine the alignment of individual coursework with the curriculum of the evaluating institution.

A transcript evaluation is vital for determining how individual courses can be transferred or credited within a new educational system. It’s particularly useful for students seeking advanced standing, credit transfer, or exemptions when enrolling in a new educational program.

Can I Verify My Degree?

Yes, you can verify your degree through a formal degree verification process. This involves confirming the authenticity of your awarded degree with the issuing institution. This step ensures that the degree you hold is valid and recognized.

What is a Request for Transcript Evaluation?

A request for transcript evaluation is the initiation of the process where your educational transcripts are examined and compared to the standards of a new educational system. ERES streamlines the request for the transcript evaluation process to ensure efficiency and accuracy. Here's a quick overview:

  • Initiation: Start by visiting our website or contacting our customer support.
  • Document Submission: Provide electronic copies of your transcripts, diplomas, and certificates.
  • Pre-Evaluation (Optional): Opt for Pre-evaluation to gauge equivalency before proceeding.
  • Review and Assessment: Our experts assess your documents for equivalency within a new educational system.
  • Equivalency Report: Receive a comprehensive report translating your achievements for easy understanding.
  • Additional Services: Choose from translation, extra copies, and mailing options.
  • Delivery: Get your Equivalency Report to aid institutions, employers, and licensing bodies.
  • Longevity: Request report copies up to 5 years after the evaluation date.Top of Form

From Degrees to Opportunities: Take the Next Step with ERES

Ready to embark on your journey of global recognition and success? Contact ERES today to experience the expertise, reliability, and comprehensive services we offer for academic credential evaluation. Whether you're aiming for high school placement, higher education pursuits, or career advancement across borders, our dedicated team is here to assist you. With our NACES membership and commitment to accuracy, we ensure that your educational accomplishments are accurately understood and valued. Don't miss out on the opportunities that await you – reach out to ERES now and unlock your potential on a global scale!

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