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Posted on April 27, 2024 By Jessica Thorne

The United States of America and Canada are recognized as the “Land of Opportunities” attracting millions of aspiring students worldwide. According to a recent survey conducted during the 2022-23 academic year, a total of 1,057,188 international students were registered in the United States alone.

The efficient student permit processing time, premium educational institutions, affordable financial assistance, and a favorable environment fostering growth and learning make the US and Canada a top choice for pursuing higher education. The two nations also offer lucrative job opportunities paired with enhanced pay rates, improved security, and diverse employee benefits.

Thus, moving to the US or Canada can be game-changing for your career. However, aspiring individuals planning a move must consider availing academic evaluation services to streamline the transfer process.

Understanding the Fundamentals of Credential Evaluation
The Credential Evaluation process is an essential academic filter that allows individuals to compare the professional certifications and academic degrees earned in a specific nation with the professional degrees offered in another.

This standard is prevalent in the US and Canada as every competitive business organization, educational institution, and government body incorporates the educational credential evaluator reports in the existing hiring and admission procedures.

Fulfilling the credential evaluation process gives foreign employers and universities an in-depth overview of the candidate’s skills and proficiency compared to domestic standards. The education qualifications and professional certifications can be rightly evaluated and understood by the US/Canada-based entities through this process.

The credential evaluation process is generally initiated by reputed service providers, in turn, assuring the employers and universities that the applicant’s background is legitimate. Educational credential evaluators share the reports directly with the authorities concerned to fast-track the selection procedure.

The Importance of Credential Evaluation
Every country follows a diverse education standard offering relevant certifications by acknowledging the domestic benchmark. The overall skill legitimacy and proficiency become increasingly difficult to measure when an individual chooses to move to a foreign nation. This is precisely what the credential evaluation process aims to resolve.

With relevant assessment, academic institutions and employers can judge the proficiency of a candidate effectively. A candidate’s true potential and rank can be determined against the present academic/professional matrices. The process also offers complete clarity to aspiring individuals who wish to pursue a career in foreign nations.

Credential Evaluation authenticates the education qualification through effective documentation. Thus, availing reliable academic evaluation services from reputed companies such as ERES becomes increasingly important.

Things to Consider Before Collaborating with a Credential Evaluation Service Provider

1. The Type of Credential Evaluation Report
Candidates must fundamentally decide the type of credential evaluation they require. Credential reports are classified into diverse detail levels according to the applicant’s qualifications and educational background.

2. Sorting out the Required Documents
The credential evaluation process may prove to be complicated if the candidate concerned does not possess the required documents. Depending on the applicant’s home country, specific documents are required which conventionally include national identification, educational certifications, passport details, etc. Be sure to collaborate with the ERES customer support team to gain complete assistance throughout the credential evaluation process.

3. Working with a Defined Budget
Candidates must be informed about the overall charges of the credential evaluation report. The ERES team works with affordable pricing points, ensuring the convenient availability of academic evaluation services for people originating from diverse financial backgrounds.

4. Acknowledging Recommendations and Overviewing Reviews
Candidates must connect with the concerned employer or university to avail direct recommendations of academic evaluation service providers. Moreover, aspirants must also ensure to conduct thorough online research by monitoring online reviews of the selected service provider.

These were the foremost aspects that will allow you to streamline your master's degree credential evaluation process. For more detailed information on the credential evaluation procedure, be sure to join hands with the ERES team.

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