The Myths about Foreign Credential Evaluation

Posted on January 27, 2023 By Mathew Berg

Foreign credential evaluation is important in securing employment or continuing education in the US for foreign-educated individuals. The purpose of a foreign credential evaluation is to determine how comparable your education is to that provided in the US. However, there are several misconceptions about how credentials earned abroad are evaluated. This article dispels some of the more widespread misconceptions about foreign credential evaluation.

1. My Foreign Degree Will Be Recognized in the US after Credential Evaluation

It’s crucial to realize that a degree earned in one country may not be recognized as fully valid in another. Whether a foreign degree is deemed comparable to its US counterpart or not depends on several factors. For example, a bachelor’s degree with honors earned in three years in the United Kingdom is equivalent to a four-year bachelor’s degree earned in the United States. In this case, the time required to earn a degree is secondary to other considerations. There are a plethora of other considerations that must be taken into account.  

2. All Credential Evaluation Companies Will Provide the Same Results

Most Credential evaluation companies adhere to a well-established code of ethics in the field of foreign education. Most international credential review services are certified, recognized, or linked with various boards and groups because no government body specifically regulates them.

Therefore, it is essential to take the time to learn about the credential evaluation company you are considering to ensure they are affiliated with the right boards and associations. A credential evaluation service’s quality and the trustworthiness of its assessments are both enhanced by its membership in a prestigious organization. For example, NACES is an association of credential evaluation firms that is trusted worldwide. You can rely on the best NACES member to provide dependable credential evaluation reports.

3. Credential Services Will Reissue a New Diploma or Transcript

To avoid any confusion, please be aware that credential evaluation services do not grant any diploma, transcript, or certificate of completion. U.S. law restricts this power to just recognized universities. They simply issue a document known as a credential evaluation report. Applicants whose post-secondary education was completed at a non-US institution will find useful information in this document. Furthermore, they determine if the credentials are equivalent to those in the United States.

4. Once I Get Credential Evaluation, It Will be Accepted Everywhere

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Some institutions have their own set of evaluators that they recommend for credential evaluations. Others may not accept evaluations from third-party evaluators, even if they are members of reputable organizations, because the university has its own credential evaluation office that conducts its own assessments. This makes it important to do your homework and consult with your organizations before you choose a credential evaluation firm.

5. Getting a Credential Evaluation Guarantees Employment

One of the most common misconceptions about foreign credential evaluation is that most newcomers to the US believe that having their credentials examined will pave a path to breaking into the US market or continuing their education at an American post-secondary school. This is only partially accurate, given there are many variables at play and various contexts may call for unique approaches to evaluating credentials.

A foreign credential review won’t guarantee a candidate a job or admission, but it will let the organizations you are trying to get into know if you have the right kind of education for the position. Getting a credential evaluation report won’t guarantee your desired results, but it can make achieving your goals a lot easier.  

6. Evaluating Credentials Is a Time-Consuming & Tedious Process

Credential evaluation can take as long as three to four weeks, depending on the material and its complexity. However, the process is straightforward if the applicant’s official transcripts, application materials, and other required academic paperwork are readily available. Although it may take some time, verifying academic credentials is a smooth process. In this way, everything can go well if the assessors have access to what they need. Therefore, some reputable companies offer same-day reports to provide the required results in the minimum possible time.

7. The Credential Evaluation Report Is Valid Indefinitely

It is important to remember that the validity period for an evaluation report might range from two to three years. There are organizations that provide credential evaluations and have policies in place regulating the length of time a report is valid.

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