Can Foreign Teachers teach In the US?

Posted on February 24, 2023 By Mathew Berg

Several roles are available for educators in the US, including grade-level teaching jobs, administrative duties, and more. However, all applicants must gain a teaching license before they can begin looking for employment.

International candidates and those holding a non-U.S. degree must use a foreign teacher certification evaluation recognized by the respective department of education to demonstrate compliance with the state's license education requirements. This normally involves the use of a state-approved credential evaluation service. Read on to learn more about credential evaluation for teachers.

Key Considerations for Credential Evaluation for Teachers

Looking for reliable credential evaluation services? Here are some best practices and key considerations to keep in mind.

State Requirements

Educators report to different statutory bodies in the US, including Departments of Education and Boards of Education, depending on the state. In order to apply for a teaching license, you’ll need to follow the specific state directions.

Many states recognize teaching licenses from other states. However, if you are applying for a teaching license for the first time, you must follow the processes and meet the state’s standards where you intend to work. Take the time to learn different state requirements before you apply for your educational credential evaluation. Make sure that the state board approves the evaluation agency you choose.

Type of Credential Evaluation

There are three main types of credential evaluations: Educational credential evaluation, course-by-course evaluation, and professional work experience evaluation. Each serves a different function; therefore, it is advisable to learn about all three.

Educators typically require course-by-course evaluation of their qualifications to learn how their credentials translate in the United States before applying for a teaching license. This credential evaluation provides a course-by-course equivalency and an in-depth analysis of each diploma/ certification and its contents. It highlights the educational history, courses taken, grades, and overall academic success according to the host country’s educational system standards.

Documents Required

Foreign teacher certification evaluation requires basic academic documents. Here is a list of documents that must be submitted to the evaluation service.

  • Original degree or diploma
  • Original grade report/transcript
  • Instructional Language
  • Scanned thesis or dissertation (if applicable)
  • Accreditation to Teach (if applicable)
  • Current resume

If your degree program was taught in a language other than English, you must also submit an official English translation of your degree certificate, transcripts, and mark sheet.

Credential Evaluation Agency

A wide variety of businesses offer credential evaluation services. Picking the wrong one might lead to stress and anxiety. It might cause unnecessary delays or even the rejection of your application for licensing or employment.

This makes it important to locate a top-tier agency that will get the task done quickly and expertly. An easy way to ensure the credibility of your credential evaluation agency is to ensure it is a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES).

NACES accreditation is significant since it serves as the official accrediting authority for organizations that evaluate international transcripts and academic records. The requirements for becoming a member of NACES are high.

One such requirement is that all evaluators employed have at least five years of experience working in the foreign admissions office at a recognized university in the United States. This allows them to better meet the varying requirements of their clientele. Furthermore, yearly recertification is required, ensuring that agencies follow NACES guidelines.

Credential Evaluation Costs

Credential evaluation costs vary by the agency and the complexity of the evaluation. It is the educator’s responsibility to obtain their credentials review. So, make sure you choose an agency that offers cost-effective prices and a quick turnaround.

In addition to basic credential evaluation services, you may opt for supplementary services for additional costs. Supplementary services typically include translations, GPA calculation, mail, extra copies, and rush service.

Apply for a Teaching License with ERES Credential Evaluation Services

Are you ready to apply for your teaching license in the United States? Take the first step with ERES — the best NACES member. We are also proud members of NAFSA, TAICEP, and AACRAO. ERES is not just one of the most reputable agencies around but also has an A+ rating from the BBB.

Our reports are suitable for full-time and substitute teachers. Make sure you submit an application on our website and get a reference number before sending any materials to ERES. We cannot be held liable for the safe arrival of your documents if they do not include a reference number.

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