Decoding Foreign Diploma Evaluation: Your Ultimate Guide to Success

Posted on April 21, 2024 By Andrew Jacobs

The US and Canadian market attracts the attention of millions of global working professionals and students due to its expanding corporate sphere and welcoming environment, enhanced with limitless opportunities and growth prospects. The work and education culture in the US and Canada serve as a benchmark that is emulated worldwide.

However, securing admission to a reputed university or landing a job in the US can be difficult to fulfill, especially for foreign candidates. The lack of a balanced international education system significantly contributes to this factor. Nonetheless, the implementation of the foreign diploma evaluation [or credential evaluation] process helps to bridge this gap effectively.

What is Foreign Diploma Evaluation?

The foreign diploma evaluation procedure can be defined as an academic matrix that allows US-based entities to measure the proficiency and caliber of a foreign candidate. The legitimacy of a professional/education certification secured in a foreign nation can be adequately compared with the US standards with the assistance of this process.

As already specified, every country operates with an independent education system that complements the home country’s economy and work culture. Education policies and ideologies followed by a specific nation might not be aligned with the US or Canadian market segment. Thus, individuals who aspire to pursue a career in North America often fail to meet professional expectations due to the disparity in work and education cultures.

The high school diploma evaluation process is implemented to make the transition smoother and justify the applicant’s potential. The details specified in the credential evaluation report assist universities and employers in judging the potential of a foreign candidate.

Likewise, the applicants can also evaluate the value of their existing skills within the US market. Foreign diploma evaluation is unavoidable and must be acknowledged by every overseas candidate aspiring to move and work in North America.

How Does Foreign Diploma Evaluation Benefit International Students and Working Professionals?

The following are the foremost benefits of foreign diploma evaluation experienced by international students and working professionals:

A. Encourages Professional and Academic Flexibility
The assessment procedure assists candidates in effectively navigating between education systems and market environments. Individuals can adequately measure the value of their existing skills and qualifications according to US standards. Consequently, the decision-making ability of candidates increases significantly as they can identify the industry and the course most compatible with their existing skills.

B. Fair Measure of Qualification
Candidates get a fair estimate and measure of their qualifications. It allows individuals to learn where they stand in the international sphere. Consequently, the aspect of being recognized at work and receiving relevant promotions becomes easier as employers can rightly judge the true potential of applicants.

Common Challenges Faced During Foreign Diploma Evaluation

Aspiring individuals planning to pursue a career in the US must acknowledge the following challenges to streamline foreign diploma evaluation:

● Verifying the Documents - The most prevalent issues arise during the document verification stage. Several universities and employers may fail to consider document issues by regional bodies operating without a standardized system.

● Translation Constraints - The documents shared must be presented in English to initiate the validation process. Often, candidates have to update the documents according to the preferred language of the target country. This process proves to be time-consuming and expensive in the long run.

● The Expense Factor - Various service providers offer foreign diploma evaluation services. However, the lack of an equivalent payment structure acts as a fundamental hindrance.

Thus, aspiring candidates must ensure to collaborate with renowned service providers offering credential evaluation at reasonable rates. Enter ERES, the premium choice of every immigrant! Join hands with the ERES team to streamline your high school diploma evaluation process. ERES shelters experienced professionals who guide applicants throughout the evaluation procedure. Check the official website of ERES to learn more.

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