How can Credential Evaluation Help Recruitment Agents Find a Job for You?

Posted on January 27, 2023 By Mathew Berg

Recruitment agents know the ins and outs of the employment processes at companies for local and foreign-trained individuals. They help hundreds, if not thousands, of people looking for future opportunities in the US and are the beacon of hope students and professionals need to navigate the maze of finding appropriate employment.

However, there may be situations when even recruitment agents require assistance in achieving your desired goals. An organization may misunderstand the credentials you sent. Perhaps a mistake was made in calculating your GPA or equivalence, which resulted in a denial of the request. Perhaps the organization needs a professional credential evaluation for job placement to confirm grade information and validate credentials.

This is where foreign credential evaluation for job comes in handy for recruitment agents to find one for you. Read on to learn more about how a credential evaluation may help recruitment agents find your dream job for you.

The Significance of a Credential Evaluation for Job Placement

Getting your credentials evaluated will give you an idea of how much your international education is worth in the United States. An employer who isn't familiar with your country's educational system will be able to understand your credentials without any problems.

On top of that, you'll have a level playing field when applying for jobs. A high school diploma or GED may be all that's required to land a career with promising prospects. Even if you hold a degree earned in another country, you can gain the trust of future employers by having your credentials evaluated.

A grade point average (GPA) conversion to a U.S. grading system is one of the many services provided by credential evaluation companies. The number of semester or quarter hours earned by an international student can be determined through a few different types of assessments. Organizations consider this data while deciding whether or not to admit a candidate. An experienced recruitment agent can use this information to your advantage by reaching out to companies looking for people with your educational and experience profile.

How Credential Evaluation Helps In Job Search

When advertising a position, most companies outline the necessary skills and experience required of applicants in a job advertisement. The best way to impress potential employers is to highlight the ways in which your experience and skills match the requirements listed for the position. Take a look at how credential evaluation as a job-seeking tool can help you through the different stages of the hiring process.

Initial Selection Stage

Many companies only accept applications through their website and require credential evaluation to complete the submission for internationally-qualified students. All applications will be thoroughly reviewed by a human resources representative, a recruiting manager, or a third party hired by the company.

They will make certain that applicants meet the needs of the position. After that, potential employees are evaluated based on how well they match the stated requirements. You will not advance to the next stage of the selection process if you do not submit your credential evaluation or if that examination reveals that your level of education is insufficient for the post.

Background Check Stage

A credential evaluation may also help with a background check for academic credentials. Some employers may perform different kinds of background checks. For example, companies may check candidates’ credentials through reference checks or evaluate a candidate’s credit report.

However, your academic credentials cannot be checked through a background check. A credential review, a copy of the candidate’s diploma, or official transcripts may all be requested for this purpose by the prospective employer. The credential evaluation confirms a candidate’s international education by proving its USA equivalent.

Hiring Stage

As was previously said, credential evaluations are used by businesses to gain insight into an applicant’s overseas education. It can be difficult for hiring managers to determine your level of education and expertise without conducting a credential evaluation.

If you’re a teacher, for instance, a credential examination might show an institution the subjects in which you’re adequately trained to instruct. The school will consider your prior teaching experience when deciding what grade level you should be teaching at and what compensation you should receive.

Choose ERES for Reliable Credential Evaluation Employers Can Trust

Our goal at ERES is to serve as a connecting point, connecting individuals looking to turn their international education into meaningful careers in the US and institutions and organizations looking for accurate assessments of their programs. As a NACES member, ERES is trusted by individuals, recruitment agents, and organizations. Contact ERES to learn more about credential evaluation for job placement in the US.

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